How to Play Safely with Nerf Guns

Safety Tips for Nerf Wars:

Almost all Nerf Guns are safe enough to play an Nerf Battle without hurting others. However, some safety guidelines must be followed during Nerf Wars. Here we will discuss some important instructions to play safely with Nerf Guns and enjoy the battle at fullest.

Nerf Gun Design

Nerf Guns are toy guns designed with fancy colors for children. Most Nerf Guns are made with combination of orange, white, grey and blue colors. They are lightweight enough for younger kids to hold easily and carry throughout the Nerf Mission. One reason of making Nerf Guns in fancy colors is that it should not look like a real gun.

Nerf Gun Bullets

Nerf Gun Bullets are made with soft foam material. The bullets come in various shapes like darts, mega darts, missiles and rounds. All these darts are used in different Nerf Guns. There is no risk of injury by Nerf Gun Bullets unless they are fired directly on skin from very short distance.

How to Play Safely with Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns are safe when the kids understand the rules of each Nerf War. In order to play safely, you need to follow two types of instructions. First one is Nerf Game Rules and the second one is Safety Tips. Here we provide all important rules and guidelines to play with Nerf Guns.

Nerf Game Rules

Every Player in Nerf War should follow the game rules mentioned below:

Do Not Fire on Other Player from Short Distance.
Do Not Fire on Anyone who is Not participating in Nerf Game.
Do Not Fire directly on Skin, Face or Eyes of Other Player.
Do Not Leave the Loaded Gun on Floor, it can be misfired.
Never Look down the Barrel after the darts are loaded into Nerf Gun.
Do Not modify the Blaster or Darts with harmful things like needles or blades.
No weapon is allowed in Nerf Game except Regular Nerf Guns and Official Nerf Darts.
Do Not Use Powerful Nerf Gun in Indoor Games.

Safety Guideline to Play Nerf Game

These safety guidelines are applicable to kids and their parents. As a parent, it is your responsibility to check if the kids are playing safely or not. The kids should strictly follow the Nerf Game Rules and Safety Instructions.

Eye Protection

Eyes are the most delicate part of our body. We must take care of our eyes while doing any activity of the day. Many kids have mistakenly fired in others' eyes while playing with Nerf Guns. That is why we strongly recommend to wear Eyeglasses in Nerf Wars. The Eyeglasses should be strong enough to bear several fires by Nerf Foam Darts.

Face Protection

In every Nerf Game, the kids are asked not to fire on face or head. But one or more kids are hurt on face by an unintentional fire. Therefore, the kids must wear a face mask while playing an Nerf War with their Nerf Guns.

When kids follow the Nerf Game Rules and Safety Guideline, they are completely safe from all kinds of injuries caused in Nerf Wars.

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